University of Texas


On August 9th, Dr. Shigematsu visited University of Texas, Austin.

In the university, there is a famous professor, Waneen Wyrick Spirduso. She wrote a grate book entitled Physical Dimension of Aging. Dr. Shigematsu met her at the ISAPA 2008, 7th World Congress on Aging and Physical Activity.

Dr. Sandy Graham, who is collaborating with Prof. Spirduso, has interests in Square-Stepping Exercise as similar as Prof. Spirduso. She would like to start a research on Square-Stepping Exercise in Texas. This visit was the first step for the future collaborate research.

Westminster Manor, which is a retirement residence, is near from University of Texas. We went there and held the SSE seminar there. About 50 elderly persons attended the SSE seminar.

The participants received a brief explanation of SSE and did warm-up. Then they enjoyed SSE for 40 minutes.

Many participants felt that SSE is good, especially for cognitive function. Some participants asked Dr. Shigematsu the detailed method of SSE.