February 2020


○February 3rd (Monday), we have received an annual report from Taiwan Branch of Institute of Square-Stepping Exercise. It reported that they held SSE instructor training sessions four time in year of 2019. One of the sessions was held in the Tainan part of Taiwan, which means that it was the first time to be held in the south part of Taiwan.
The Taiwan branch started regular SSE classes in a community care facility and older adults’ center in Taipei city.
Interestingly, they collaborate with kindergartens of Taipei city association. Some kindergarten teachers got SSE instructor certifications and adopted SSE to kindergarten kids. Of course, they required some modifications to adjust to kinds’ interests.

○February 8th (Saturday), Prof. Shigematsu introduced SSE in Wakayama prefecture. There was a seminar for local sports facilitators. The number of facilitators was around 200. They came from various cities in Kinki district of Japan. The seminar was very important occasion to announce about SSE and its effects.

○February 17th (Sunday), we have received an annual report from Hong Kong Branch of Institute of Square-Stepping Exercise. It reported that the year of 2019 was the tenth anniversary year for them (congratulations!). Forty-seven instructors were certificated as SSE instructor. Of them, six were older adults! Prof. Shigematsu held a refreshment seminar to SSE instructors in Hong Kong on November. He served new patterns to the participants. The participants shared their teaching experience each other.
According to the annual report, the Hong Kong Branch served SSE classes for 1500 hours in total and 5000 older adults participated in total. The older adults love SSE and the staff in care facilities also love SSE.
The Hong Kong Branch introduced SSE at the conference held in Macau. The theme of the conference was about mental health. They also introduced SSE a health festival in Hong Kong. There a staff working at the Hong Kong government attended. SSE was broadcasted several times in Hong Kong.