June 2021


○June 6th (Tue), I had a Zoom meeting with Ellen in Germany. In the meeting, we decided we would apply SSE to patients with locomotive limitations and compare the effects with a usual care program. For the research, two rehabilitation experts, a postdoc, and a fitness instructor would participate and collaborate.

○June 19th (Sat), I received a report from ResearchGate. It told that SSE was examined in small research with older adults at a university in Canada. Although it is officially published yet, you may see the contents from the following URL.

○June 22nd (Tue), the Hong Kong branch of ISSE had published an annual report 2020. The report included their activities in Hong Kong. For example, a TV program broadcasted the SSE and its effects. An SSE collaborator, Jorge, introduced SSE in the program. Other activities included multiple phone meetings with SSE instructors, which encouraged their motivations on SSE. In the current year, 2021, we just wait for passing the pandemic; however, after the pandemic, we believe that they would act as much as possible.

○June 30th (Wed), the Taiwan branch of Institution of Square-Stepping Exercise had the 7th annual aniversary. Seven years ago, we had built the branch in Taiwan. Under the COVID-19 pandemic, they cannot hold SSE instructor training sessions, but they will restart as soon as possible.